Wailing from the basements of Passaic County, NJ are three geeks that wanted to surf the musical cosmos and the local scene with their tunes. Thanks to the group’s eclectic nature and collective desire to not tie themselves down to one genre, they were able to infuse their music with a blend of punk, soul, surf, funk, and doo-wop to create something all their own.

In 2012, brothers Jay and Chen decided to buckle down on their love of music and pursuit it more seriously. With Chen’s ukulele licks and catchy guitar riffs paired with Jay’s machine gun chops on the drums, it was time to bring their creativity to the world. But there was a missing piece to the puzzle and it was their friend and third brother, Mo. His heavy-hitting, groovy basslines completed the band the local scene has come to know and love as Disposable. It was kismet that these three brothers would use their bond by music to go on a never-ending journey of bringing it front and center to kindred spirits.

Disposable’s ethos has always been to do what you can with what you’ve got. That instruments, musicians, and even songs are disposable because in the end, it’s the memories made with each other, the music, and the people’ve we met along the way that matter the most.

Our Latest EP

Can’t Stop Smiling

Tour History

The band has done East Coast tours and opened for bands :
The Misfits
The Toasters
Hub City Stompers
The Pietasters
Voodoo Glow Skulls
World Inferno Friendship Society

Thank you for your time, check our bandcamp to buy our music.

Having played over 180+ shows throughout the Northeastern United States, Disposable has built their fan base from the ground up. Always excelling in creativity, they provide the best experience for their followers, from music to merch. Here are just a few things you’ll hear through the grapevine about Disposable:

“From the opening tsunami of “4th Wave” to the closing soulfulness of “Where Do We Stand,” this six-song follow-up to 2013’s “This EP Is Disposable” and last year’s “The Kamikaze Funk Up” is a tasty treat.”
– Bob Makin of Makin Waves

“Ever see a Ukulele in a punk band? Check out Disposable, you will be amazed. And if you just want to go out and flat out party”
– Phil Shepherd of Speakimage

“I love how vocalist Chen soulfully steps up on “Looking Back” and “Where Do We Stand,” proving his singing talent matches his deep guitar and ukulele chops. Sometimes his vocals are overshadowed live, simply because this band has so much energy, which also is distilled from bassist Moe’s and drummer Jay’s wild antics.”
– Bob Makin of Makin Waves